Design and execution of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems for the nuclear, industrial and civil sector.

MATE-FIN has the necessary authorizations, knowledge, personnel and equipment to carry out construction and installation projects for the nuclear objectives in Romania:

– constructions that require authorizations in the nuclear field and radiation workers

– nuclear medicine laboratories (SPECT, SPECT-CT, PET-CT)

– laboratories for measurements and analyzes in the nuclear field

– complex ventilation and filtration systems for the nuclear field (radioactive particles, noble gases, Tritium, etc.)

Our specific knowledge also allows us to approach projects from all sectors, industrial or civil.

Project management

– preparation of budget and cost estimates
– work schedule organization
– choosing the most efficient construction methods and strategies
– maintaining the permanent connection between the beneficiary and the general contractor
– supervision of technical and contractual aspects with designers, contractors and suppliers
– supervision of all stages of construction

Architecture and structural calculation

– 2D design and 3D construction
– interior design
– exterior design
– monolithic concrete and precast concrete constructions
– metal constructions
– masonry constructions
– modular constructions
– wood constructions
– facade systems (curtain facades)
– roofing systems
– ceiling systems

Design and execution of electrical systems

– electrical systems for high voltage and low voltage: indoor and outdoor lighting installations, socket installations, power installations
– systems for protection against electric shocks and lightning
– low voltage electrical systems: telephone installations, cable TV, structured voice-data networks, fire warning and signaling, noxious detection, access control, closed circuit television, burglary, intelligent building management solutions (BMS – Building Management Systems)
– system automation
– EMP protection
– electric generators

Design and execution of sanitary plumbing

– indoor sanitary plumbing for water supply
– rainwater and sewerage plumbing
– water households, grease separators, hydrocarbon separation installations, sewage treatment plants;
– external water supply and sewerage networks.
– fire limitation and extinguishing installations

Design and execution of thermal installations, ventilation and air conditioning

– A/C systems with VRV and VRF split / multisplit equipment, CTAs, chillers, air curtains, etc.
– indoor heating installations with radiators, underfloor heating, radiant panels, hot water preparation;
– heating / hot water preparation installations in centralized system;
– smoke and noxious exhaust installations, in case of fire
– heating / air conditioning / hot water preparation installations with alternative energy sources (heat pumps, solar panels).
– cogeneration installations

Design and execution of technological installations

– dust removal installations, noxious evacuation
– industrial water treatment installations
– fluid separation installations

*MATE-FIN has all CNCAN authorizations for carrying out works in nuclear areas.



So far, our company has completed and is carrying out a significant number of projects, especially: general ventilation and air conditioning, technological ventilation, specific aspirations, metal construction, rehabilitation, landscaping, consolidation, refrigeration, electrical, automation, fluid installations and gas, electrical installations.

The Technical Department has a core of specialists with a rich professional experience, ready to tackle projects regardless of the degree of complexity, having the opportunity to go through all stages of projects: feasibility study, design, entrepreneurship, execution, commissioning, maintenance.

The fields in which our company mainly carries out its activity have imposed from the point of view of the constructions and installations related to the accomplishment of some special niche works: the nuclear field.

Among our representative works we list:

•2007 – 2008 – Modernization works of the ventilation and air conditioning system in Pastile Hall, within the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2009 – Dismantling/dismemberment works of Hall 1 installations and equipment, within the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2009 – 2010 – Execution works of the ventilation and rehabilitation system Hall 1 and annexes, including design, at the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2007 – 2010 – Implementation of automation system for the installation of air tritium sampling and monitoring for Cernavoda NPP

•2011 – 2012 Modernization and reengineering of the Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant (STDR) – Ventilation and air conditioning installation and Automation installation related to the ventilation and air conditioning installation, within the Pitesti Nuclear Research Institute (ICN Pitesti)

•2011 – 2013 – Execution of the cooling water recirculation installation for the assembly area, including design, assembly, technological tests, commissioning and staff training, within the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2012 – 2013 – Rehabilitation of the air conditioning installation of the TANDEM accelerator within the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, Magurele

•2013 – Execution of the ventilation system and electrical installations for the physical-chemical analysis laboratories at the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2013 – 2014 – Assembly works for the air intake and exhaust pipes for the air treatment installation, design, technological tests, commissioning and staff training, within the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Factory

•2014 – Chiller assembly within the Pirelli Slatina tire factory

•2015 – Installation of osmosis system within the Pirelli Slatina tire factory

•2015 – 2016 – Execution and design of sanitary and HVAC installations for locker rooms Building 103 within the Pirelli Slatina tire factory

•2017 – Execution and design of works for the extension of the sanitary and HVAC installation for Building 320 within the Pirelli Slatina tire factory.

•2019 – Execution of air conditioning installation for the production halls of the Prodal 94 factory

•2019 – 2020 – Execution of access and monitoring system for the nuclear waste landfill within the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Magurele