Nuclear Medicine

Clinical investigations

Mediso – AnyScan® S

AnyScan® S camera is your cost-effective solution for basic NM examinations. Moreover, due to its flexible detector configuration, special studies can be performed quickly and easily with precise positioning and intuitive system use. The camera has an integrated acquisition system with guided protocol sets.

AnyScan SC​

AnyScan® SC camera is your perfect choice as a versatile imaging system in our clinical portfolio. It can be your daily workhorse with the addition of special configurations to your routine studies thanks to its all-around approach. The system becomes a perfect Nuclear Medicine multimodality device with the supplementary diagnostic CT system. From Whole Body scans, through all hybrid SPECT/CT examinations, to therapy planning, AnyScan® SC system covers all routine NM hybrid applications.

Mediso – AnyScan® TRIO SPECT​

Starting camera for your advanced research & clinical environment. AnyScan® TRIO SPECT offers new dimensions in SPECT imaging with the applied extra detector and novel collimators. Three detector design turns against the conventional dual head SPECT configuration, to reach 50% higher sensitivity, perfect SPECT resolution and excellent image quality. This unique triple head approach allows us to collect all of the detailed information by applying a reduced acquisition time. In your routine clinical environment, the camera offers faster imaging while also new applications for both dedicated and everyday procedures.
Next to the all-around NM applications, the system may be upgraded with CT and PET modality onsite.

Mediso – AnyScan® TRIO SPECT/CT

AnyScan TRIO® SPECT/CT imaging system without any compromise to realize perfect SPECT resolution and excellent image quality.

The unique triple head detector design enables detailed imaging by applying a reduced acquisition time. The system becomes a perfect nuclear medicine multimodality equipment with the supplement CT subsystem. With the addition of multipinhole collimation, the AnyScan TRIO® system breaks further boundaries in molecular imaging.

Mediso – AnyScan® TRIO SPECT/CT/PET​

AnyScan TRIO® SPECT/CT/PET is a unique solution to integrate triple modality imaging system to your NM department in just one room. This system is ideal for your advanced clinical environment, and for further research applications.

The multipinhole SPECT technology and the high quality LYSO crystal-based PET offer unparalleled possibilities in the NM world with the addition of our diagnostic CT. Saving space, time and cost with AnyScan TRIO® system prove to offer more potential to your clinic.

Investigations for animals

Mediso – MultiScan™ LFER150 PET/CT

The MultiScan™ Large Field of view Extreme Resolution PET/CT system is offering molecular imaging with high spatial resolution and high quantitative accuracy in a gantry that supports all possible non-human primate (NHP) studies.

Fine crystal needles and advanced detector modelling of the Tera-Tomo™ 3D PET reconstruction enable to resolve 1 mm structures. Our highly refined detector technology and dead time estimation maintain 97% quantitative accuracy up to 150 MBq (4mCi) activity level.

Both PET and CT can image the very same region of space, making any patient movement unnecessary in a single field of view study. The freely tilting detector head enables even awake animal imaging with visual stimuli.

Mediso – nanoScan® MRI 3T/7T

The nanoScan® MRI systems are equipped with a state-of-the-art cryogen-free superconducting magnet.

Thanks to its translational 3T and ultra-high 7T field, the system enables high end in vivo imaging applications of small animals while having very low installation and maintenance requirements. Uniquely on the preclinical market, the Pulse Tube cryocooler is mounted on the back of the scanner to minimize vibrations thus delivering ghost-free EPI images. The system is particularly adapted for high-end MRI experiments such as neuroimaging or spectroscopy.

The MRI systems are also available in a combination with nanoScan® PET as high-end PET/MRI systems.

Mediso – nanoScan® PET/CT

The nanoScan® PET system is equipped with the finest detector crystal needles ensuring high spatial resolution down to 700 μm in vivo.
Quantitative results delivered over the widest range of radioactivity levels from 60 Bq to 60 MBq (1.6 nCi – 1.6 mCi). It covers the full range of PET applications from long-term cell tracking to dynamic studies with 11C- and 15O-labelled radiotracers in rats.
Large ring diameter allows imaging of multiple mice and large animals, while the unique, Tera-Tomo™ 3D iterative reconstruction based on real-time Monte Carlo simulation ensures homogeneous image quality over the entire field of view.
Open access to the animal during PET scanning gives full control over the animal studies.
The PET system is also available in triple-modality combination with our high-end SPECT (nanoScan SPECT/CT/PET) or fully integrated with MRI (nanoScan PET/MRI).

Mediso – nanoScan® PET/MRI 3T and 7T

The new nanoScan® systems follow the footsteps of the first ever commercially available integrated preclinical PET/MRI system introduced by Mediso in 2011. The new nanoScan® PET/MRI systems are now equipped with both high end PET with simultaneous capability and state-of-the-art superconducting MRI subsystems.

The in-line PET subsystem features real dynamic scanning with the best count rate performance and highest resolution on the market, designed for quantitative imaging of mice, rats and even larger animals. When complemented with the PET insert the system covers every possible application in molecular imaging.

The MRI subsystems equipped with robust cryogen-free superconducting translational 3T and ultra-high field 7T magnets enable high end in vivo imaging applications.

Mediso – nanoScan® SPECT/CT

The nanoScan® SPECT system images radiotracers with absolute quantification, high sensitivity and high spatial resolution down to 0.3 mm in vivo.

Wide range of patented multi-pinhole collimators available with optimized performance for any applications: from whole-body to focused scanning; imaging of mice, multiple mice, large rats and rabbits; from low energy tracers to theranostic isotopes. Best homogeneity on the market is achieved by helical scanning, while fastest 3D dynamic acquisitions are carried out in full stationary mode without gantry or table motion.

The SPECT system is also available in triple-modality combination with our high-end PET systems.

Equipment and accessories for nuclear medicine


Dose calibrator

Dose Calibrator for Nuclear Medicine – SPECT


• Ionization chamber filled with pure Argon at 12 atm
• Energy range: 15 keV up to 3 MeV
• Memory with over 80 isotopes
• Allows dose measurement up to 250 GBq (6 Ci)
• 8 ” color touch screen
• Accuracy: +/- 2%
• 28 softkeys for frequently used isotopes
• Automatic quality control system with a set (optional) of calibration sources
• Software update via USB or flash drive
• Possibility to print via USB
• Allows the connection of a second PET ionization chamber

The equipment has a Supply Authorization from CNCAN.


PET dose calibrator

Dose Calibrator for Nuclear Medicine – PET


• Ionization chamber filled with pure Argon at 5 atm
• The ionization chamber can be installed 30 meters from the central unit
• Memory with over 80 isotopes
• Allows dose measurement up to 20 Ci of F-18
• 8 ” color touch screen
• Accuracy: +/- 2%
• 28 softkeys for frequently used isotopes
• Software update via USB or flash drive
• Possibility to print via USB
• Allows the connection of a second ionization chamber for SPECT

The equipment has a Supply Authorization from CNCAN.

Contamination control systems


Monitor pentru utilizari multiple

The AVIOR®-2 unit is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall mounted dose-rate and survey meter for the contamination control and dose-rate assessment.


• Allows measurement of ambient dose rate and can be used as a radiation alarm with alarm threshold or output alarm system
• Two channels for simultaneous connection of two external detectors
• Dual digital display
• Can be used as a contamination monitor for hands, feet and clothes
• Internal battery for autonomous use
• Robust, easy and simple to use
• Allows firmware upgrade

Hand and foot monitors

HandFoot-Fibre MED

Hand and foot monitors

The HandFoot-Fibre monitors are used for contamination screening of hands, feet and clothes for alpha, beta and gamma radiation in circumstances which do not require a full body monitor. The monitors are also well-suited for mobile contamination screening.


• Automatic: monitors work perfectly without the need for “surveillance” of radiation protection personnel
• Fast: Less than ten seconds of measurement provides complete details
• Precise: Detection limit: 33 Bq for hands and 45 Bq for feet (Co-60). Measurements can also be made in areas with a high radioactive background
• Convenient: measurements are stored for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration are quick and easy, configurations can be loaded automatically for easy replication
• Self-diagnosis: the monitors are constantly checked to detect the damage of the detectors, power supply problems, natural background fluctuations, etc.
• Mobile: thanks to the attached wheels and light weight, the monitors can be easily moved