Portable equipment

Personal Dosimeters

DMC 3000 Personal Electronic Dosimeter

DMC 3000 is a personal electronic radiation dosimeter, the best-selling dosimeter in the world, which represents over 25 years of innovation.


• Designed for strength and durability.
• Powerful audible alarms, coupled with ultra-bright LEDs and vibration capability.
• Easy operation with 2 buttons and navigation of the display options.
• Meets or exceeds applicable IEC and ANSI standards.
• Works for up to 9 months on a single standard AAA battery.


The personal electronic dosimeter DMC 3000 represents over 25 years in innovation, in electronic dosimetry. It has a superior gamma and X-ray energy response, programmable visual LED alarms, audible and vibrating alarm indicators, easy 2-button navigation and the ability to be equipped with external modules for extended capabilities.

The DMC 3000 dosimeter has a complete line of attachable modules that extend the detection and communication capabilities of the dosimeter.

DMC 3000 accessories

DMC 3000 BETA Attachable module

The Beta Module provides operational dosimetry for hospital personnel, first responders, and radiation workers where there is a Beta radiation risk.

The add-on Beta Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter is able to measure Hp(0,07) radiation at a wide range of energy levels.

The Hp(0,07) and beta measurements, display and alarms are highly visible on the DMC 3000’s LEDs and high contrast backlit LCD display.

Powered by the DMC 3000, the add-on module does not require any supplementary battery and remains operational over 2000 hours in continuous use. Calibration and functional parameters are stored in the module.

DMC 3000 Neutron Attachable module

The Neutron Module provides operational dosimetry for Military, First Responders and radiation workers where there is a Neutron radiation risk.

The add-on Neutron Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter and is able to measure Hp(10) radiation at a wide range of energy levels. The Hp(10) Neutron measurements, display and alarms are highly visible on the DMC 3000’s LEDs and high contrast backlit LCD display.

Powered by the DMC 3000, the add-on module does not require any supplementary battery and remains operational over 2400 hours in continuous use. Calibration and functionnal parameters are stored in the module.

DMC 3000 Telemetry

The Telemetry Module is an accessory device for the DMC3000™ dosimeter that physically integrates into the dosimeter’s case. The purpose of the Telemetry Module is to transmit a worker’s radiological data (accumulated dose, dose rate and alarm status) to other WRM2™ Telemetry System components (Base Station, Repeater, etc.).

Although the Telemetry Module has been specifically designed as the most advanced addition to our dosimetry family (DMC3000™ dosimeter), it features seamless communication with all existing WRM2™ Telemetry receivers.

Additionally, the Telemetry Module provides access to a variety of accessory functions, including supplemental visual alarm indication in high-noise environments via supplied Bluetooth connectivity.



Receiver / Transmitter / Repeater

The Adaptive Wireless Monitor (AWM) is a dynamic new wireless remote monitor system that now represents an ALL-in-ONE solution for nuclear industry remote monitoring. This compact system can be deployed as a base station, MESH repeater, external transmitter device, active dive repeater, etc.; which minimizes the different types of inventory that must be maintained.

The AWM includes a DB9 RS-232 communication port, USB communication port, Power-over-Ethernet (POE) or Wi-Fi.

The AWM uses a colored touchscreen for on-screen defined configurations.

TeleView 3000

Remote monitoring software

TeleView 3000 is Mirion’s flagship Remote Monitoring application. Completely redesigned for the next generation of Radiation Protection support, it builds upon the familiar features expected from Remote Monitoring software (e.g. worker grouping by RWP, automatic worker logon via Access Control link, area monitor grouping, etc.), and adds updated features such as multiple windows / tab viewing, as well as GPS overlay functionality.

The key element of TeleView 3000’s redesign is its state-of-the-art, browser-based data representation (a significant improvement over out-dated client / server architecture). This browser functionality allows users to access data in a user-friendly and familiar format from virtually any connected workstation on the network, be it either a PC, a tablet, or even a smart phone. 


DMC User

Personal dosimeter management software

DMCUser is the companion software to support operational electronic dosimetry management and maintenance in commercial nuclear, defense, homeland security and medical applications.

It allows full customization, configuration, maintenance and diagnostic of any dosimeters belonging to the DMC/SOR product line.

DMCUser software can be used with a wide range of Mirion products as an integrated dosimetry system, including:

  • DMC 2000, DMC 3000 and modules, SOR dosimeters
  • LDM 320 D and LDM 320 W readers
  • DosiServ, DosiCare and DosiFFR software
  • IRD 2000 Irradiator


Recorded dose management software

The DosiServ dosimetry system is an integrated state-of-the-art dose management system. It is intented to:

  • handle electronic dose data for workers (individual), Jobs (RWP Radiological Work Permit) in various controlled areas.
  • Offer access control capabilities through dosimeters readers.


Dedicated dose management software suite for medical professionals

The DosiCare Software easily allows the operational dosimetry management of medical specialists and staff of small and mediumsized infrastructures.

Now, in compliance with new regulations, DosiCare transfers individual dosimetric data, makes available a secured Web interface for consultation of individual dosimetric summaries and makes possible the importation of dosimetric data from an Excel or .csv file.

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, DosiCare offers a better follow-up of the dosimetric activity of the agents with a real-time control of their authorizations, the implementation of automated alerts in case of regulatory thresholds being exceeded, the follow-up of the cumulated doses and data transfer.


LDM 320D & LDM 320W

Radio readers for personal dosimeters

The LDM 320D and LDM 320W readers operate using software packages installed on computer (PC) and communicate with DMC 3000 dosimeter and DMC 2000 and SOR families in hands-free data exchange mode.

When used with the DosiCare, DosiFFR, or compatible access control software, the LDM 320 reader is used as an interface to activate a dosimeter (to switch into counting mode) or to deactivate it (to switch into pause mode).

When used with the DMC User software, it functions as an interface to read and write the internal data of the DMC 3000, SOR and DMC 2000 dosimeters.

LDM 2000

Industrial dosimeter reader

LDM 2000 is an Electronic Dosimeter self issue rugged reader used to entrer and exit radiological controlled areas.

The reader is driven by a dosimetry system in order to program the appropriate dosimeter alarm set points and to retrieve the dose at “exit” time.

It can be connected to access control devices such as turnstiles.

Optional barcode reader allows inputs from the worker (identification, legal dosimeter).

Ratemeters and contamination monitors


Gamma ratemeter

The RDS-32 Survey Meters are small handheld, battery operated radiation survey instruments. Due to its versatile functions and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial use, nuclear power plants, laboratories, etc.

The meter features excellent ergonomics; lightweight and easy handling, with visual, audible, and vibration functions. Each meter includes an additional battery cover with belt clip to make it wearable, freeing the user’s hands to focus on their primary job.

With both Warning and Alarm levels users can know when they are approaching their limit without constantly monitoring their device and can act accordingly.


External probe
Alfa / Beta / Gamma

The GMP-25 probe is intended for monitoring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. The GMP-25 is used as an external detector with the RDS-31/ iTx/iTxSD multi-purpose Radiation Survey Meters especially for surface contamination monitoring and source localization applications.

The GMP-25 probe is equipped with a Binder connector and connected to the mating bulk connector interface at the bottom of RDS-31 family survey meters.


External Neutron Probe

The SN-D-2 probe for measurement of neutron dose equivalent rate is designed to be used with any CSP survey meter or any computer-based system developed within CSP environment. Its 8 atm 3He gas detector associated with a 200 mm polyethylene sphere, brings a best in class neutron efficiency and, an excellent Gamma rejection.

SN-D-2 probe’s lightweight makes it an ideal tool for direct measurement of neutron ambient dose equivalent in reactor building during outages or on spent fuel transportation container, prior to shipment to reprocessing plant. A specific tripod can accommodate various heights and distances to the measurement scene while the user remains at a safe area with remote control, supporting ALARA principle.



External Gamma Probe

This External Probe enhances the detection capability of the RDS-31 survey meter models.

The GMP-12 GSD probe is intended for monitoring gamma and X-ray radiation.

It has been designed to fulfill both the civil defense and industrial applications requirements.

GMP-12GSD is a ”smart” probe, having an internal high voltage generator and non-volatile memory for calibration coefficients and probe identification data. The measured quantity is the H*(10) ambient dose equivalent; also dose measurement can be performed with RDS-31 scaler function. Thus the probe can be connected “on-the-fly” without any need for switching off the meter, which automatically recognizes the probe type and sets the meter reading to defined measuring unit.

Telepole for External Probes

The telescopic set consists of:

  • RDS-31 Radiation Survey Meter
  • GMP-12SD, GMP-12UW or GMP-12GSD gamma probe or GMP-25i Pancake Beta Probe
  • Telescopic pole

The pole sections can be locked to any desired length with the quick locking levers.

The RDS-31 meter and probes can be easily mounted/ dis­mounted to/from the telescopic pole for standard radiation protection applications.

The RDS-31 meter can be configured for dual display function, thus the user can simultaneously follow the dose rates from both internal and external detector.

Histogram from both detectors with optional CSW-PRO configuration software.


Multifunctional tool

The Colibri survey meter is a comprehensive health physics instrument with unique characteristics that can lower the dose exposure of HP technicians and other workers in radiation areas.

The “always on” gamma dose feature ensures the worker is always informed – even when using the Colibri unit for contamination surveys with attached probes.

The Colibri survey meter also allows for wireless data collection from pre-positioned detectors that can be placed in radiation areas – eliminating the need to attach probes, get close to the source – then manually transcribe data. Walk into the room – and Colibri survey meter performs the survey for you.


Alfa / Beta / Gamma Contamination monitor

The RDS-80 Surface Contamination Meter is a versatile contamination detector which has been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of radiation protection in nuclear industry, rescue and other operations, involving a possibility for abnormal contamination levels.

The Digital, Hand Held Pulse Rate Meter is suitable for personnel who need to locate and detect contaminated surfaces/objects during their work.

The functions comprise contamination measurements with alarm functions and automatic

conversion to surface activity value and additionally surface contamination measurement with a possibility to store the histogram events into the meter´s internal memory.

Radon measurement


Radon monitor with Alpha spectrometric analysis

SNIFF Rapid response and rapid recovery radon measurement

NORMAL High sensitivity radon measurement

AUTO Automatic switch from SNIFF to NORMAL after three hours

THORON Radon and thoron measured simultaneously and independently

GRAB Analysis of air “grabbed” from a discrete sample

WAT Automatic analysis of water samples with optional RAD H2O accessory


Accessory for determining Radon in water

RAD H2O is an accessory that allows the measurement of Radon in water by bubbling the water sample to extract Radon gas, which is then measured by RAD 7.


• Stainless steel aerator and 2 glass fries
• 18 ampoules for samples: 40 ml and 250 ml
• Set of tubes and fittings
• 2 air filters
• 2 drainage tubes and 4 desiccant tubes
• Carrying case for the whole set