MATE-FIN has developed an integrated Tritium detection and monitoring system that allows the monitoring of a large number of locations using an optimal number of monitors.

Since, for economic reasons, it is impossible to install a Tritium monitor in each location that needs to be monitored, the solution we propose is to use computer-controlled sampling systems that allow monitoring of multiple locations with a single Tritium monitor. The user has the possibility of simultaneous monitoring of all locations, sequential monitoring, searching for the location that generated an alarm or specific monitoring of a location before workers access, all by local or remote control of the sampling system.

Allows three sampling modes: Automatic, Sequential and Manual

Detect hidden heavy water leaks almost in real time

Save the results in a SQL data-base

Allows data access via Internet, creates reports, charts, analyzes

Expandable, open interface, with Scada Software through OPC Server

Custom sampling design to fit any specific needs

Each Tritium monitor, together with its sampling system, allows the measurement and supervision of up to 11 separate locations.

The Tritium Monitoring System is designed to supervise the presence of Tritium in the Reactor Containment and Service Building of a CANDU type Nuclear Power plant. It can also be used as a Heavy Water Leak Detector.

Main Configuration

  • Tritium Monitor
  • PLC and HMI touch panels
  • Pumps, pipes, valves and flow-meters
  • Software / Computer dedicated server

Web Based Reports

A complementary software, accessible over the local network, or over the Internet, generates different reports from the database. All data are exportable anytime on CSV format.

The PLC software controls the sampling system according to the pre-programmed routines. The local & remote HMI can be used to set the PLC behavior. The results are saved in a database for later analysis.

HMI Controls

The local touch-panel and the PC display controls and shows a real time status of the system. Authenticate by user name & password.